President Igor Dodon has been repeatedly suspended from office for his refusal to appoint the new ministers and deputy prime ministers proposed by the Democrats. The decision has been taken today, January 2nd, by the Constitutional Court (CC) at the request of the Democratic Party and is irrevocable. 

The CC found the same "temporary impossibility of the President to exercise his responsibilities", as it was in the case, when he refused to appoint Eugent Sturza to the Ministry of Defense. 

According to the Court's decision, the appointment of the new members of Filip's cabinet will be made by the Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu or by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

The representative of the Presidency, Maxim Lebedinschi, labeled the decision as "legal acrobatics" and “it’s not me and the code is not mine" operation.

He said the CC violated the legal norms and exceeded its powers by interpreting other legal documents than the Constitution. According to Lebedinschi, the appointment of new ministers, which constitutes more than half of the members of the Executive, was to be made by a Parliament resolution.

The representative of the Presidency reiterated that the new members are targeted in several journalistic investigations and Kroll reports. With this regard, Lebedinschi recalled another decision of the CC with respect to the former Prime Minister, Vladimir Filat, which found that persons suspected of corruption cannot be appointed to public positions.

He concluded that the CC had again shown its affiliation and political bias.

On the other hand, the Democrat deputy, Sergiu Sirbu, who is one of the authors of the referral to the CC said, "today the constitutional justice celebrates its victory" and the referral was filed to escape institutional blockade.

According to the deputy, the government may have its first meeting in the new format after the Orthodox Christmas.

On December 28th, the Democrat deputies filed a petition with the Constitutional Court with regard to the president’s repeated refusal to appoint several new members of the Government.

Igor Dodon had been previously suspended from office after refusing to appoint Eugen Sturza as Defense Minister. The Minister's appointment decree was signed by the Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu.

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