A new delegation from the Venice Commission will be paying a visit to the Republic of Moldova on 18 - 19 May this year. Representatives of the institution are coming to Moldova at the invitation of President Igor Dodon to prepare an opinion on the draft amendments to the Constitution, which provide for an extension of the President's powers to dissolve the Parliament.

According to a Commission press release, the delegation will have meetings with representatives of the Parliament, government officials and other stakeholders.

In a press briefing, held on February 28, Igor Dodon proposed a draft law amending the Constitution. He proposed 5 cases, in which the Parliament can be dissolved, in addition to the two provided by the Constitution:

1. Dissolution of the Parliament by the President upon the consultation with parliamentary factions.
2. The head of state may dissolve the Parliament if it failed to implement within one year the will of the people, represented by a consultative referendum.
3. The President may dissolve the Parliament when the referendum on the resignation of the President of the Republic of Moldova showed a negative result or was declared invalid by the Constitutional Court.
4. The Parliament may be dissolved if it has not adopted the state budget law within two months as of the beginning of the year.
5. The Parliament may be dissolved by a referendum initiated by the President.

Subsequently, in the absence of Parliament's support, Dodon included the issue of extension of his powers with respect to the dissolution of the Parliament in the Decree on the Initiation of a Consultative Referendum, signed on March 28, 2017.

Dodon then said that if the Referendum were to take place, he would sign a Decree on dissolving the Parliament and announcing early parliamentary elections.

We would like to remind you that another delegation from the Venice Commission recently visited Moldova to prepare an opinion on the modification of the country’s electoral system.

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