Igor Dodon, president-elect on November 13, 2016, wants to be sworn in as soon as possible and accuses his political opponents of "delaying the process."

In a press conference, held today, the Socialist leader condemns his former opponents, leader of Action and Solidarity Party and leader of Dignity and Truth Platform Party, who intentionally slow down the announcement of the final election results.

Igor Dodon accused the two politicians of playing the game of the government, or even of representing the interests of the West. "Why are my opponents doing this? It is already clear!"

"People daily address me tens and hundreds of questions, people ask me when I will be in office, when I will come up with solutions. The Constitutional Court has 10 days to take a decision on the election results. 10 days, but upon the examination of all the submitted appeals. 10 days expired last week ", Igor Dodon said.

Dodon says he talked to Alexandru Tanase, President of the Constitutional Court, and he was informed that not all of the appeals filed, passed through the legal procedures.

"The government takes advantage of this; it is done to prevent me from blocking the anti-social reforms. If the mandate was validated and I was in office, I would have blocked these reforms," the president-elect said.

At the same time, Dodon considers that the candidates elected for the position of Prosecutor General are not worthy of this position, and if he is not appointed President, Nicolae Timofti will approve one of the candidates. "Maia and Nastase are guilty; they are dragging the time to obtain 2 or 3 days. Whose game are they playing? That of the governance? Who guides them? What’s behind these actions?  I am categorically against the reforms. The president has greater legitimacy; they are afraid of me and are trying to promote these reforms before my investment."

In response to the accusations, Andrei Nastase wrote on his Facebook page that Dodon "is still campaigning."

"Once the lies about Ali Baba and the 30 000 Syrians have been mediatized by his coordinator’s institutions, it is now the turn of a new avalanche of nonsense against the genuine opposition and anti-oligarch diaspora, who are held responsible for the coordinated infirmities of the infuriated man. We know already the bargain price in the case of the President (Timofti). Perhaps, Dodon can tell us what the price of the next prosecutor general is," Nastase wrote on his Facebook page.

Dodon also answered the questions, addressed by the journalists. Being asked if he wishes to congratulate the citizens of Moldova on the New Year as a President, he said that he congratulates all the people every year.

This time again, the socialist couldn’t help making jokes about the Liberal leader and said, "There is at least one good thing that Ghimpu does, he wants to chase Salaru". Dodon also commented on Mihai Ghimpu’s latest appearance in a press conference with a sword, "Ghimpu still feels like a child, he is ether playing with swords, or getting out of a tank", stating finally that "one should never speak ill of a ‘dead’ politician".

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