After a number of publications in the media about the judge Mariana Pitic’c Porsche Cayenne worth only... 11 000 lei, the civil society insists on her resignation.

In early April, when Mariana Pitic was promoted from the District Court of Center to the Supreme Court of Justice,the Ziarul de Garda published her wealth declaration, where she declared an automobile worth just 11 000 lei while the market price of such cars starts at around 40 000 euro.

Indignant of this, more than 800 people signed a petition asking to dismiss Pitic.

"I decided to create this petition, because I do not accept that kind of people as a judge especially at the Supreme Court of Justice, where people come with their last hope on justice and truth. But there is a judge like Pitic, without experience, with a low score of the competition, with lies in her wealth declarations, that she bought a Porsche with 11 000 lei. It’s beyond all limits! As a citizen of this country, I refuse her to be the judge of the Supreme Court of Justice! I want a real transparency and justice in this country! I am outraged and sign this petition and I won’t just stop here" – writes the author of the petition, the civic activist Domnica Cemortan.

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Also today was published an open letter on this subject to the Head of the European Union Delegation Pirkka Tapiola, Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Marius Lazurca, German Ambassador Ulrike Knotz, US Ambassador Jim Pettit, British Ambassador Phil Batson  and to the Supreme Security Council.

The letter states that although the European Union supports the system of justice reform in Moldova, this reform has more weaknesses than the positive impact: "The Mariana Pitic’s case is an illustrative case: she is protected by the National Integrity Commission (being unsanctioned after serious violations in wealth declarations) and by the Superior Council of Magistrates (according to the public data on points she got during the competition for the position left there no chance to take it, and her interview on professional skills lasted no longer than 4 minutes)".

In the letter is also mentioned that Pitic is supported by a group of deputies in the Parliament and they avoid commenting this case: "Therefore I wish to address you to offer us a solution or an example from the experience of your country, so to stop such the reprehensible comportment".

For the lies in wealth declarations Mariana Pitic can face a fine of up to 12 000 lei or an year of imprisonment.

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