The mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, was suspended from office until a final sentence in his case is issued. The decision was taken today by the magistrates of the Chişinău District Court, Buiucani headquarters.

The case prosecutor, Victoria Furtuna, specified that the motion presented is a good one, and the court's decision is legal. "Provisional suspension is necessary because several witnesses are in close contact with the mayor of the capital, so there is a risk that people will be influenced, especially since they have previously tried to intimidate a witness," the prosecutor said.

Following the decision, the lawyer said the sentence was illegal. "I did not understand the reasons. The referral was to be sent to the Constitutional Court, as Mr Chirtoaca holds a position in which he was elected by the citizens. We are going to appeal the decision," the lawyer said.

The city's mayor said that he had expected such a decision. "We were ready. We will appeal this ruling. However, even if I was not dismissed, I would not go to work until a final decision had been taken, so that judgment was not necessary either. The witness mentioned by the prosecutor would have been influenced by Mr. Gamreţchi, but this is not true," Chirtoacă noted.

The next hearing will take place on September 11.

At present, the mayor of Chisinau is investigated in a state of house arrest in the criminal case of paid parking in the capital. He is accused of influence peddling.

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