In an interview given to Free Europe Radio, the honorary president of the Democratic Party, Dumitru Diacov, said that he could be a potential presidential candidate, if the party decides this.

Diacov also said that the Democratic Party has 3 possible candidates: Marian Lupu, Andrian Candu and Pavel Filip.

 "There is the party president, Mr. Marian Lupu, an experienced man, there is also the Prime Minister and the Speaker. They are people who already showed their worth. Day by day, the Government and Mr. Filip become more and more convincing and persuasive. I think that the party will come together; we’ll discuss it very quietly. There is no problem, the party has candidates and one of them will be nominated for president. We will try to have a civilized battle, to demonstrate it to the other competitors. I, personally, don’t have any problem with it, any citizen can run from any party. I wish the campaign were as quiet as possible, and citizens will have the opportunity to choose. We must think not only of the election day, but also of what will happen after the elections, "Diacov said.

Being asked why the DP did not nominate one more candidate for the presidential elections of October 30, Diacov answered, "because we did not want to hurry. The government must work in a very quiet environment. When the DP comes with a candidate, I imagine what happens: everyone attacks this candidate.  And the DP then should forget everything and start protecting its candidate, actually trigger the election campaign."

Diacov also said that the coalition is unlikely to have a common candidate, because it includes more parties and each of them wants to manifest itself.

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