Igor Dodon (a Communist turncoat) suffers from a pronounced exhibitionism. Wanting to show his entry into the political arena, he prepared a ‘popular’ investiture, which will be broadcast live on several television channels. He announced the members of his team, including, Ion Ceban (a Communist turncoat), who stood out for his particularly aggressive language, Vasile Sova (a Communist turncoat), who is known for his total obedience to Voronin, Carmena Lupei (Communist turncoat), who hasn’t stood out for any particular reason.

The inauguration ceremony had a well-planned program, which will be followed by daily routines with daily concerns. Then, the President will open his magic bag to see what’s in it and what can be done. As plentiful were his promises and now, it’s time to fulfill them.

Thus, he has a bird in the hand, that is, the ability to always blame the Parliament, "I wished, I tried, but they (MPs) didn’t let me do it." This chorus will keep him afloat until the next parliamentary elections. It will be his reason for asking people to vote for the Socialist Party. In other words, if you want me to do something, vote for my party and I will have full support in the Parliament and Government. This (the upcoming parliamentary elections) are the two birds in the bush, because many things can change over the next two years.  However, the general trend is clear: the president has no longer control over the ISS, over the Supreme Security Council, the General Prosecutor's Office, over foreign policy, not to mention the promulgation of laws.

President vividly felt the lack of support, as some parties (CPRM, EPPM, LP and LDP) refused to attend the investiture. His attempt to fill the empty places in the hall with the crowd from the street, mostly elderly people, was not a good idea, since not the pensioners will assist him in imitating the governance process.

Thus, the new head of the state will have, on the one hand, to satisfy his party comrades and his voters, and on the other, to come to terms with the parliamentary majority in order to preserve at least his right to offer state distinctions. However, the role of the president is more than awarding distinctions and making empty promises. It seems that promises risk becoming Dodon’s only legacy during the four years of presidency.    

Author: Sandu Spinu
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