The leader of the UNIREA - ODIP Association, Vlad Biletchi and the president of Liberal Youth Organization of Ciocana, Ilie Cretu, were escorted to a police station yesterday evening, May 17, after an argument with a group of socialists. After a few hours, having written the necessary explanations, the young men were released.

The incident took place after the young unionists installed a tent in the center of the capital and gave out unionist leaflets. According to Biletchi, a group of socialists, who collected signatures for the dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca, approached and assaulted them verbally and physically.

The police arrived on the spot and escorted Vlad Biletchi and Ilie Cretu to the police station. 

Biletchi was accused of preventing the socialists from collecting signatures, which was denied by the ODIP leader. According to him, his association had submitted to the City Hall a prior declaration, which allowed him to hold various activities on May 17. 

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Vlad Biletchi said he had filed several complaints, both against the socialists and the police officers, who detained him. "There were no charges, but I was in police custody for 3 hours, forced to write different explanations. They took my free time. I'm not guilty of anything, the socialists are the ones who attacked us and they called the police, "Biletchi told us.

Press Officer of Chisinau Police Inspectorate, Adrian Jovmir, told for CrimeMoldova that the police acted legally, "There was no detention. The socialists called the police and complained that the unionists damaged some lists with signatures. The police came to the scene, but it was necessary for the parties to write explanations and they were asked to go to the police department. No one was detained and no record was made."  

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