Member of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM), Teodor Carnat, requested today the termination of his membership in the institution. The request was made at the meeting of the Council after Carnat read his statement on how the contest for the position of the head of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) was organized. 

Against this background, Carnat mentioned that he does not want to shake the image of the SCM and does not want to be equated to the current government.

He left the Council meeting prior to the examination of the controversial Regulation on the publication of court judgments. As it is known, the journalists are protesting against this regulation today in front of the SCM. In this respect, Carnat called for the promotion of an alternative regulation.

We remind you that, yesterday, 9 October, at the meeting of the National Integrity Council, its members mentioned that Teodor Carnat, who participated in the contest for the position of head of the institution, failed to pass the polygraph test.

Later, Carnat declared that the contest was a farce and it had a political flavor, adding that he would not participate in a new contest.

Teodor Carnat was appointed to the SCM in December 2013 by a Parliament resolution.

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