Vlad Filat called a "team"  full of ex-officials from the LDPM, to defend him in the court. The deschide.MD recently obtained a list of the widely known names that former premier's lawyers will call to the court as the witnesses. According to the capital’s media, some of them have already declined the invitation. Although they have this right, the judges will ultimately decide who will testify.

Most of the characters in the list, made by the Crime Moldova, are from the former prime minister's entourage. Here they are:

Mircea Buga – the former Minister of Health from the LDPM


Mircea Buga was appointed the Minister of Health from the LDPM in the government of Gaburici. In the Strelet’s government Buga was the Minister of Labour, Family and Social protection. In the Filip’s government he was became the head of the National Health Insurance Company.

Moreover, Mircea Buga is mentioned in the denunciation of Ilan Shor about the theft of billion euro. According to Shor, while Buga was director of the National Health Insurance Company, there was made an agreement with Vlad Filat of a transfer of all the money of the NHIC and some other enterprises to the Banca de Economii. Below you can read a passage from Ilan Shor's statement, which explains how Buga was involved in stealing of the billion euro:

ilan-shor-a-fost-retinut-procurorii-ii-prezinta-invinuirea-in-dosarul-bem.png"Vlad Filat assured the Unibank with resources by transferring there the funds of the Franzeluţa and NHIC (around 600 million lei). Vlad Filat gave instructions to Buga and to the director of the Franzeluta.

I talked with Buga about it. Vlad Filat has not given me a penny, in late summer 2014 I warned that I will be forced to notice the police about the created situation, because I could be stuffed in debts.

Then Vlad Filat came with the proposal to buy the whole Banca de Economii, so in two or three years we would be able to earn enough money to cover these gaps. Vlad Filat would ensure the transfer of the control stake of the bank by the companies we run, transferring all the funds of some  enterprises, agencies and institutions of the state and money from the treasury accounts .

 With such support and the branch network, Banca de Economii would become the most successful bank in Moldova with the highest incomes and could be sold at a very good price".

Mircea Buga rejected all the Shor’s accusations: "As the general manager of the National Social Insurance Agency I acted in strict accordance with the law. I have never been pressured”.

Victor Catan – the former Minister of Internal Affairs from the LDPM


The general Victor Catan was appointed the Minister of Internal Affairs in 2009. He is a member of the LDPM. During his mandate, there were committed and remained unsolved serious crimes. One of them is the assassination of businessman Igor Basarab, the police has found nothing new until now.

Another case is the robbery committed in December 2010. Someone stole currency and over a kilo of gold worth over 100 000 dollars from the house of Udodovich family. According to the police, the attackers tortured victims with a hot iron.

Veaceslav Negruta – the former Minister of Finance from the LDPM

viaceslav negruta.jpgbasarabia.md

Veaceslav Negruta was a Minister of Finance of the Republic of Moldova in 2009 – 2013 period. He was released from the post of Minister on his own.

The ex-minister was accused by prosecutors of committing abuse of power when he signed the Ministry of Finance’s order to pay to the former director of the Association of the Parliament 90’ Pantelei Sandulachi moral damage worth 400 000 euros.

On March 29th this year, Veaceslav Negruta was sentenced by the Superior Council of Magistrates to three years probation. But he declared himself innocent and said that he would address to the ECHR.

Alexei Roibu – the former Minister of Internal Affairs from the LDPM


During his service as the Minister, there were committed and remained unsolved serious crimes too.

In 2011, two teenagers were found shot in a car in Durlesti. The crime was committed on March 31. Another case happened on the road Chisinau-Ialoveni where were found dead Mariana Jumbei (19 years old) and her alleged lover Valeriu Croitoru (31 years old).

According to the autopsy, the man was shot twice from a gun, and the girl was shot once in the chest. The case remains unsolved until now.

Although the Communist opposition has criticized the Roibu’s service, the PM Filat said that he was a good Minister.

Vladimir Cebotari – the Minister of Justice from the DPM


He became the Minister of Justice in Strelet’s government and retained the position until now.

Vladimir Cebotari was the director of the SE "Railway of Moldova".

The National Integrity Commission has determined that the current Minister of Justice owns several companies. The most profitable of them is the "Neaos" LLC, that had income worth 8 912 000 lei in 2012 (the last year when the official financial records were provided). In October 2014, Vladimir Cebotari claimed to the Moldova Curata that he had no income from this company because they decided to reinvest the profit.

The media also wrote that Cebotari’s wife will open an airline company with his sister as the CEO. The Minister confirmed that his family started a new business.

Vladimir Grosu – the former Minister of Justice from the LDPM


Before being the deputy Minister of Justice, Grosu was the representative of the Republic of Moldova at the ECHR.

Vladimir Grosu was born on June 21, 1975, married. He graduated from Faculty of Law of the State University of Moldova; was given the title of the associate professor in 2006. On December 6, 2006, Vladimir Grosu was appointed Government Agent at the European Court of Human Rights by the decision of the government of Vasile Tarlev.

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