Pavel Filip criticized the initiative of Igor Dodon to cancel the law, which provides for reimbursement of the stolen billion by the citizens of the country. Opening today’s meeting of the Government, Prime Minister said that this law is a consumed legal act and without it Moldova would not have obtained financing from the IMF, Bucharest and EU.

 "Even if he comes from a leftist party, it was not mandatory for the President to start off on the left foot," Filip said, referring to Igor Dodon.

The Prime Minister said that the Constitutional Court examined several complaints with regard to this law, including those of the Socialist Party that were rejected. "The President should be informed about the decisions of the CC. This law is a consumed legal act. Based on this law, money has already been provided to the budget, agreements have been concluded, and cancellation of this law cannot produce legal effects, "Pavel Filip said.

Referring to the same initiative, the Prime Minister accused the President of populism, noting that he preferred to collaborate with the President than to cohabit. "This category of populist politicians will deceive you, they will generate false expectations. The truth is quite different. For the next year, we have provided 650 million lei for this emergency credit. If we haven’t done anything, we wouldn’t have obtained money from Bucharest, the IMF, the EU and the World Bank. This money means roads, kindergartens, schools, social projects for Moldovan citizens. I recommend them to look back to the times, when they were in opposition. We can cohabit with the president, but we can also work together. I prefer to work together," the Premier said.

Filip said that by passing this bill, Moldova received a 60 million euro loan from Romania, 35 million dollars from the IMF, 45.3 million euros from the European Union and 45 million dollars from the World Bank. 

"The government is honest with its citizens, even if some projects are anti-popular. We will call the spade a spade," Filip concluded.

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