Amnesty Law was published today in the Official Gazette. Thus, 1.700 inmates in prisons will be released.

We remind that the law was adopted at the 25th anniversary of Moldova's independence, voted on July 29. Late entry into force of the law generated expences of MDL 6.8 million for the state, according to the association Promo-Lex.

However, for the release of prisoners, the state will support expences of about MDL 6 million for paying allowances of 75% of the average salary per economy (about MDL 3.790).

We remind that according to this law, of the amnesty will benefit those sentenced to a term less than 7 years in prison or those convicted with sentences of up to 10 years, who have already served 7 years. Those who were sentenced to 10 years in prison, will be freed if they have served 3/4 of the period of detention. Prison gates will be opened for the inmates who committed crimes without causing deaths or recklessl deaths and also for pregnant women or with children under 8 years.

The persons sentenced to life imprisonment, those who intentionally committed crimes and those who committed corruption offenses do not fall under the law.

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