On May, 14 this year, the leader of the party "Our House", Grigore Petrenko, which is currently prosecuted in the case of the riots from September, 6, attempted to leave Moldova. He was detained by Border Service of Chisinau airport in a bus carrying passengers to the aircraft.

Petrenko was going to fly from Moldova, despite the fact that at that moment he has no right to leave the country in accordance with the decision of the Court of the Riscani district. However, on his official facebook page he issued a statement, which was signed by a judge Grigore Cazacu allowing Petrenko to leave the country during the period of May 13-18.


Grigore Petrenko told Unimedia that he was arrested while boarding a plane to Germany. Five guards stopped the bus, which was carrying passengers to the aircraft and detained Petrenko: "I went through passport control and was stopped in the bus. There were about 5 policemen, armed. I refused to leave the bus, because I had permission to leave the country in the period from 13 to 18 May, which I received from the Court of Riscani district".

The politician also claims that the police officers during the arrest did not provide the required documents.

Grigore Petrenko said that his lawyer was not allowed to enter the transit zone where he was. Thus, according to him, his rights were violated. On the same day Petrenko was released.

petrenco.pngMore than half a year Grigore Petrenko spent in custody before being transferred to house arrest. He was suspected of organizing mass riots during protests on September, 6. The police claim that along with other protesters Petrenko wanted to enter by force into the building of the General Prosecutor's Office.

The former deputy believes that his case is political revenge and the authorities aim to intimidate civil society activists.

In late April, Petrenko and some Antifa members were released from house arrest, and got the interdiction to leave the country. Currently Grigore Petrenko risks a 3-years prison sentence.

The judge who signed the statement of Gregore Petrenko will be checked

Petrenko received the interdiction to leave Moldova on April 26, 2016. Despite this fact, the politician tried to leave the country on May ,14 this year. During the arrest he said that he had received permission for that from a judge that is considering his case. On receiving this information the Superior Council of Magistracy held a meeting and included in the agenda an item about the need to check the judge who unilaterally gave Petrenko permission to leave the country.

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