How much money and for what purposes did political parties spend in 2015

The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced that on April 1, 2016 only 26 of the 43 registered political parties presented the annual report on the financial activities in 2015.

The list of parties that have provided reports includes the Communist Party of Republic of Moldova (CPRM) , the Liberal Party, the "Our Home - Moldova", the "Democracy at Home", the European People's Party of Moldova, the National Liberal Party, the "Party of People's Power", the People's Democratic Party, the people's stir "Anti-Mafia", the Communist Party of Moldova, the "Motherland", the Democratic Party, the "Russian-Slavic Party", the Christian Democratic People's Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, the "For the People and the State" Party, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), the Workers' Party, the Ecological Green Party, the People’s Party of Moldova, The Party of Liberal Reformers, the Social Democratic Party, the "European Action" Party, the "Our party",  “The Party of Progressive Society", the "Patriots of Moldova" Party.

All the governing and opposition parties that have seats in the current parliament have submitted their financial reports. According to published on the CEC website reports, we can see which parties were most and least generous in the past year. According to financial reports, on the election campaign for the local elections of 2015 parties had spent:

1.pngCosts of local election campaign (according to the financial statements)

The Democratic Party, the PSRM and the “Our party” were most generous on financing of election campaigns for local elections.

In terms of funding received, the Democratic Party was the “luckiest”. On the chart below is shown the level of external funding of parties:

2.pngFunding received (according to the financial reports)

If each registered member of particular political party had donated money, it turns out that every member of the Democratic Party donated 454.3 lei, the Liberal Democratic Party member - 134.6 lei, the Liberal Party member - 201.5 lei, the European People's Party of Moldova member - 13.1 lei, the CPRM member - 143.80 lei, the PSRM member - 193.16 lei, the "Our Party" member - 756 lei. As we can see, the most generous members are in the “Our Party”, the Democratic Party, the Liberal Party.

Another source of income for parties, in addition to the external funding, is membership fee. On the chart below you can see the total value of membership fees in the budgets of each party:

3.pngTotal value of membership fees (according to the financial reports)

By dividing the total value of membership fees on the number of registered members of the party, it turns out that the Liberal Democratic Party members have spent 96.51 lei, the European People's Party of Moldova - 0.44 lei, the CPRM - 17.81 lei, the PSRM - 2369.7 lei, the "Our Party" - 3239, 2 lei. The Democratic Party and the Liberal Party had indicated in reports zero membership fees income to the budget. It turns out that you have to be rich enough to be a member of the "Our Party" or the PSRM.

How much money the ruling parties had spent on the organization of demonstrations and other events, you can see on the chart below:

4.pngCosts of the organization of demonstrations and other events (according to the financial reports)

Most of all on organization of demonstrations had spent the so called “left” political parties. The Liberal Party and the Democratic Party claims that they had no expenses for the organization of demonstrations and other events, but the press reported that the Democratic Party had organized some demonstrations.

On the chart below you can see the size of parties’ expenses on PR:

5.pngThe parties’ expenses on PR (according to the financial reports)

Everyone remembers the aggressive PR-campaigns of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party. Financial reports published by the CEC shows how much money parties have received and how much they spent on offices, staff, membership in international organizations, traveling, advertising, etc. In total, the parties had the following income and expenses:

6.pngAccording to the financial reports

The CEC also published a list of political parties that have not submitted a report on the financial activities in 2015. Here is the list of these parties: the Agrarian Party of Moldova,  the Party of Law and Truth, the professional movement "Hope", the political party for the unification of Moldova, the socio-political stir "New Force", the republican socio-political stir "Equality", the political party "New historic choice", the Republican Party of Moldova, the Humanistic-Christian Party of Moldova, the European party "United Moldova", the Conservative party, the social-political movement of Moldovan Romes, the Party of Regions, the Democratic Action Party, the “Revival" Party.

According to the law, the political parties that have not submitted an annual report on the financial activities in time should be fined. The fine is 300-500 conventional units for individuals responsible for the providing of reports to the CEC.

All financial reports of political parties are available on the official website of the CEC.

According to the Plan of Actions for 2016 for implementation of the National Anticorruption Strategy for 2011-2016, the Law on financing political parties and electoral campaigns will be changed to prohibit funding from abroad. Also there will be a study of transparency of financing the political parties and election campaigns. Methodological standards for inspection the reports of income and expenses of political parties will be developed, as well as the methodological standards of investigating the fact of corruption during the election campaigns.

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