Igor Dodon wants a repeated competition for the position of Prosecutor General. The statement was made Friday, November 25, after the Parliament voted in first and second reading the draft law to amend the Constitution of Moldova with respect to the part that foresees that the Prosecutor General be appointed by the President on the proposal of the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

"We will do everything possible to ensure that the Prosecutor General be the first step for the country's liberation from its long-term captivity. It must be a person, who is not controlled by the corrupt system that is now governing Moldova, so I think we need to hold the contest again. I will insist on the candidacy of a competent person. No one can make the president sign a decree”, Dodon said.

Please note that six candidates for the position of Prosecutor General have been admitted to the interview stage, which is the last stage of the competition for the selection of a candidate for Prosecutor General. The interview will be held on December 7 this year.

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