Platon's case takes the form of a political scandal. Today, the new lawyer of the businessman Veaceslav Platon, Ilia Novicov, who was part of the team defending Nadejda Savcenco, held a press conference on the topic "Cobalev case: how SBU deprives him of citizenship in favor of a Moldovan oligarch? ".

During the conference, the Russian attorney talked about the fact that within less than a month in a lightning tempo, as it did not happen in any case, were obtained testimonies of Ilan Shor about the fact that Veaceslav Platon is involved in the BEM fraud and that in less than four days, he was arrested.

Novicov said that the biggest problem is the fact that in less than one day, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine has checked the status of Ukrainian passport of the businessman, taken from him during detention and noted that the lack of the original application for citizenship in 2002, from the archives of Ukraine are grounds for believing the passport is false. This finding, according to the lawyer, was the sole basis for the General Prosecutor of Ukraine who neglected legal procedures, including the right to appeal to the extradite of Platon to Moldovan authorities.

PGU found that based on a simple service letter, the passport falsehood, Novikov has described as "identity theft", which constitute a precedent and a very serious situation. The defender believes that regardless of the seriousness of the facts, the citizen should not be extradited, this being a taboo that the neighboring country violated.

Novikov said that he and his colleagues will continue the judicial process in Ukraine to demonstrate the validity the citizenship of Cobalev (Platon). In this direction he intends to work with the consular services and Ukraine's Foreign Ministry. Lawyers are seeking to obtain and confirm that the procedure for extradition of Platon occurred inconsistent with the national laws of Ukraine.

As the lawyer from Moldova, Novicov mentioned the addressing to ECHR, which should confirm that the Ukrainian authorities' actions were political. Defending shows convinced that without an understanding of influential people in Moldova and officials decisions in Ukraine, such a rapid procedure with compliance of legislation, would not have been possible, which shows that the extradition decision was not a legal decision, but a political one.

Novicov appealed to the president of Ukraine, Piotr Poroshenko, whom he called guarantor of justice, to obtain physical security of Platon in Moldova, but also his return.

The conference was attended by Constantin Bondarenko political scientist, political analyst Andrei Zolotarev and lawyer Alexei Shevchuk. Political scientists participants also said that Platon's extradition has political under-layers.

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