Individuals placed under house arrest and convicted persons, traveling without escort, or those who leave prison for a short period, as provided by law, may be subject to electronic monitoring. A project to this effect was approved on Wednesday, November 2, at the sitting of the Government.

The electronic system provides remote surveillance of the location and movement of people controlled via a special bracelet, installed on the person’s hand or ankle.

The monitored individuals will sign an undertaking that they assume certain obligations in the process of probation. However, electronic monitoring will be applied with the consent of family members and of third parties, with whom the person will live, to minimize the possible negative effects on their privacy.

Monitoring appliances will be used to reduce overcrowding of prisons and to facilitate the social reintegration of people that are in conflict with the law. The expenses for operation and maintenance of the equipment will be covered from the state budget and will be a twice-smaller amount than the expenses, required for detention in prison, about 60 lei per day.

The measure comes under the Action Plan for the implementation of the Reform Strategy in the Justice Sector for 2011-2016.

Recall that the activist Grigore Petrenco wore such an electronic bracelet on his ankle, being monitored by the police.

Petrenco said earlier that he had to sit nearly all the time next to the socket, he was able to shower for not more than 15 minutes and the device weighs as a mobile phone. "Every time the battery discharges, they call me and tell me that I have disappeared from the radar. If I wear the device, they can check in a non-stop mode where I am. The battery lasts 5 hours. I must always charge it for about one hour. I have to stand with my leg next to the socket. The charger is similar to the one for mobile phones," Petrenco said.

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