Romania continues to support the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union. The statement was made by the President of the neighboring country, Klaus Iohannis, on August 30 during the meeting with the Romanian ambassadors and consuls accredited abroad, who attended the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy, held at the Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest.

"With regard to our immediate neighborhood, we remind you of Romania's permanent priority, which is the development of the strategic partnership for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova, which is a complicated issue. We will continue to support the European path of Chisinau, including by consolidation of democratic institutions, bilateral strategic interconnection projects and those with direct benefits for the Moldovan citizens. This effort of Romania will be developed, as it has been done so far, on the basis of honest assumptions and implementation by the Government of the Republic of Moldova of the key reforms that are needed", Klaus Iohannis declared, cited by Agerpress.

Additionally, Iohannis mentioned that the foreign policy of Romania would continue to develop the strategic relationship with Ukraine.

As for Romania's relationship with Russia, the Romanian president said that a clear and unitary approach is requested in that respect.

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