Ion Sturza, businessperson and former Prime Minister of Moldova, gave an interview for

Sturza was invited to assess the situation in our country in terms of business. He compared the country to a company, stating that it is existing on the edge of bankruptcy and no company in the world can survive in such circumstances.

The former prime minister also spoke about the possibility he had 8 months ago to become a prime minister for the second time and about the current governmental team, the so-called "crisis managers".

Ion Sturza labeled the government as a purely political one. "My personal goal was to create a technical team, a government of technocrats that would really try to overcome the economic and financial crisis to give politicians a chance to relaunch the political system and the political life based on new principles and to govern the country. We did not have the aim to deal with pure politics. It is an entirely different position, a different mentality, other skills and approaches to economic problems and especially to public finances. It is a completely different dialogue with the society, more open, transparent and honest. Of course, the current government is the embodiment of political and other interests of certain circles in Moldova, and cannot be an anti- crisis government. This is very clear to me."

The businessman also spoke about the economic situation in the country, pointing out that Moldova's economy is relatively small. "If we compare it to other countries, its gross domestic product worth seven billion would correspond to the average gross domestic product of an average city in Germany. The two and a half million citizens that permanently live here with a very low purchasing capacity are not a favorable environment for business development. We must realize that we have a relatively small economy with reduced purchasing power of the population. I often make this comparison: a dollar invested in Moldova brings a dollar, in Romania it brings 10 dollars, in England - 50 and in the United States - 200. If the investor has the opportunity to invest, he will of course invest in some more efficient markets with a more efficient purchasing capacity. Therefore, I have no illusions about the chances of Moldova to become an economy attractive for investors, "Sturza said.

Regarding the rumors about the next parliamentary elections and the electoral system that will become a mixed one, Ion Sturza stressed, "I hope this will not happen. It is an illusion that a one-member constituency candidate will take care of his voters. Little by little, he will buy the votes with pasta. We do not have to go very far. A vivid example is Ukraine, where a system and the entire country collapsed because of uninominal constituencies, which made up 50 % there. There was a certain fee and even agreements between parties: you fight for a place there and you there. Money was allocated for that. But, of course, why do you need to fight in Moldova, spend money on parties and image, if in such a poor country you can easily buy a certain number of places ... "

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