The MPs voted on Friday, December 9th, in the final reading,  a bill governing the activities of the Information and Security Service (ISS) and the State Protection and Guard Service (SPGS).

The ISS director will be appointed by parliament for a term of five years, and the institution will have a single deputy, also named by the Parliament. Also, the current director of ISS, Mihai Balan remain in office until his term expires. Balan was appointed in 2012, his mandate is valid five years.

The State Protection and Guard Service is renamed the State Protection and Guard Center and will be ISS subordinate, while keeping an autonomous status. The Parliament will also name the head of the Center for State Protection and Guard Service, at the proposal of at least ten deputies.

The Socialist Party’s members have criticized the project and stressed that changes are made to deprive Igor Dodon of power.

The socialist deputy Vasile Bolea, stated that “there is an attempt to deprive the President of the necessary means to combat the wrongdoings of the government”, and then the Socialists have left the session hall of the Parliament.

Please note  that during the week, the President Nicolae Timofti signed a decree appointing Eduard Harunjen the General Prosecutor of Moldova. This has displeased the elected President Igor Dodon and the Socialist Party.

The Socialist Party suggested that they are deliberately limiting the powers of the future head of state.

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