The leader of the European People's Party of Moldova, Iurie Leanca, could reach the seat of Vice-President of Parliament. Sources close to the politician claim that would be the price for which Leanca has agreed to cooperate with the parliamentary majority. The same sources say that Iurie Leanca will be responsible for external relations, in particular those related to the IMF and the European Union.

The sole deputes members of the PPEM Iurie Leanca and Carpov, said on Sunday, June 24, they are ready to cooperate with the parliamentary majority. Leanca said the decision had been taken on the same day, with the majority of votes at the meeting of the party's National Political Council.

PPEM leader said after the Board meeting that he discussed the last week’s parliamentary majority offer that called the pro-European parties of the Parliament for dialogue. "We decided to offer the necessary mandate to the Political office of PPEM. We will reach an agreement on the implementation of justice reforms, as well as on the way to recover the damages from the banking sector, on the punishment of those responsible and on ensuring that no such things occur in future. The deal will also depend on the launch of this partnership", said Iurie Leanca.

Sources within PPEM argue that many of PPEM leaders are dissatisfied with the decision of the party's political council and that this decision would be taken only by Iurie Leanca and Carpov. "Oazu Nantoi voted against this decision, some members abstained, while others were forced to vote", the source told us.

PPEM participated in negotiations with the Platform "YES", PAS and LDPM on the designation of a common candidate for the presidential elections scheduled for next fall. Iurie Leanca said during the TV program “Punctul pe azi" on the TV channel "TVR Moldova" on 12 July this year, he is disappointed of the course of negotiations: " We had no discussions on our platform, agenda, the way to change the system, to establish very clearly what we have to do. We agreed on mutual non-aggression, but we are constantly attacked by the Platform "YES". It is a concerted attack from the Platform "YES" via the TV channel "Jurnal TV", which it controls, and of another television, as well. Almost every day it is said that I am going to be arrested, that I committed this and that”.

Mihail Gofman, the former Deputy Head of NAC Division on Preventing and Combating Money Laundering said during the TV program "Interpol" on station "TV 7" of 27 June, 2016, that the next to be arrested in the billion theft case would be Iurie Leanca.

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