Former Deputy Chief of the Division for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering in the NAC, Mihail Gofman is involved in stealing the billion. The statement was made by the former prosecutor of Chisinau Ivan Diacov, during a show at the TV channel N4.
Diacov also claims that Gofman would have been among people who were involved in the scheme to defraud the banking system in Moldova:

” Gofman is one of those who stole the billion. He had a connection at one stage or another. He admitted this, it’s not in vain that he calls heavy families; I do not know if he had a share in this, it is not obligatory, but he was in the circle of those people who were responsible. He was in the epicentre and is guilty. What he says now requires a serious investigation. I have a great fear that Mr. Gofman may be a sacrifice and get in prison if he gets into dishonest hands. He did not give evidence, did not get insured. He did not convince me that he's clean and had no competence and tried the stop this”. 

In addition, Diacov said that all frauds in the banking system in Moldova began from the former head of the Savings Bank Gacikevici Gregory, who is currently in custody.

”Everything began with Gacikeici, he was kind of a practice, he established the base of the whole scheme. He gave bad loans, and the money went into offshore zones", said the former prosecutor Ivan Diacov.

After Michael Gofman said in a TV channel that the main beneficiaries would be the politician Vlad Plahotniuc, and then, in a lesser extent, the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat, already sentenced to nine years in prison, as well as Sergei Iaralov, a person in Plahotniuc’s entourage, Gofman was called by the Prosecution Office.  

Although he has been cited three times, Gofman was not present at the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office ever. Moreover the former deputy head of the Nac Division for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering went to America to discuss with people interested in the bank fraud that occurred in Moldova. Gofman also said that he will come to the Prosecutor’s Office when he’s back home.

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