According to the National Integrity Commission’s meeting agenda, there will be taken a decision on initiating some audit on deputies Violeta Ivanov and Anatoly Zagorodniy. The NIC will verify their potential violations of the legal regime of the income and property declarations in 2015. Zagorodniy will be also checked to the fact of his incompatibility for the current function.

Dep.pngIvanov, Zagorodniy, Fusu, Shalaru

We remind you, that Violeta Ivanov is being suspected of not declaring all her income according to the some articles in media.

Also, the NIC will take a decision on the initiation of the 7 additional audits of public servants, four of which are mayors, one official is from the MFAEI, one official from the Superior Council of Magistrates and one from the Cahul Customs service.

There are ministers on the list of NIC too. So the agency will announce the results of the audits on the Minister of Education Corina Fusu and Minister of Defense Anatol Shalaru regarding to their potential violations of legal regime of the income and property declarations for 2014, when they were deputies in the Parliament.

Also the NIC will examine the income and property declaration for 2014 of the Moldsilva Agency’s director Ion Cebanu (he was mentioned in "The Moldsilva Agency or about the corruption" article of Crime Moldova).

There will be published the results of another 8 audits of four mayors, one official from the Chisinau City Hall, one official from the General Prosecutor's Office, one from the Republican Diagnostic Center and one working in the education system.

At the previous meeting of the NIC (07.04.16), the commission initiated the audit of 10 public officials, including the deputy Caraseni Demian, 2 vice ministers (Triboi Valeriu – the Ministry of Economy and Cerbu Sabina – the Ministry of Justice), the “Post of Moldova” director Serghei Nastas and other officials.

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