Kiev Court of Appeal considered an appeal, filed by Veaceaslav Platon’s lawyers, however, the panel of judges decided to maintain the first court decision on the arrest of Platon.

Interfax says that the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine confirmed the information; it also added that the Ukrainian passport into the name of Kobaliov, found on Veaceslav Platon during his arrest, is false. Moreover, Platon is a citizen of Moldova and Russia.

Recall that on 2 August this year, Platon’s lawyer said that his client is a citizen of Ukraine and cannot be extradited, claiming that the extradition to Moldova is impossible under the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, pointing out that the state has to protect its citizens. The lawyer specified that Kobaliov (Platon) had Russian and Moldovan citizenships, but he refused them, and now, he is only a citizen of Ukraine.

Platon's lawyer also denied that his client owned a false Ukrainian passport.

"This statement cannot be proved", he said. The lawyer claims that not only Planon’s rights, but also his life, have to be defended.

Platon was detained in Kiev on 25 July, he is accused of money laundering and swindle in especially large proportions. Currently, the Ukrainian side are working on a package of documents for the extradition of Platon to the Republic of Moldova.
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