On the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova, "Kommersant" published an article in which it questioned the future of it.

The author urges readers to look at internal politics of the country in several ways: imitating the desire to develop the country by totally freezing the current situation, financial elites parasitism and absolute violation of the Moldovan Constitution, in the interest of governmental structures.

The main idea of the article is that, after the author's opinion, the Moldovan politicians do not really tend towards development in one direction or another, but due to political technologies, adher to other tasks or  create a fictitious purpose and direction of development country but also to distract citizens from being able to realize what is the country missing to live better. The best way to "throw dust in the eyes" of the Moldovan people is to force them to watch the quarrel between the parties. The country's political arena had a clear separation between pro-Europeans and pro-Russian for a long time.

"Transforming election into geopolitical confrontation is a danger that local politicians do not pay attention to: actual problems and discussions about their decisions remain outside the campaign. Everything is built on the fact that Moldova will be saved by anyone, from the West or Russia, but not by herself "- writes kommersant.ru.

"This elites external parasitism of Moldova. The addiction. Resumes to- let Russia do something for us, let EU do something for us. Alone they can not develop a strategy. Meanwhile socio-cultural and educational degradation occurs. Cities have turned into villages with communal services "- said in this article, former presidential adviser Mark Tkaciuk.

A kind of medicine, according to experts, can be a neutral position of the Moldovan state, in which the government structure refuses dependence on external forces, and ultimately, develops their own line of development.

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