The Liberal Democratic Party and the Socialist Party will have one new member in the legislature. The two seats became vacant after Igor Dodon has resigned from the deputy position following his election as the President of the country, and the mandate of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat has stopped right after he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for passive corruption and influence peddling.

Thus, yesterday, December 20th, 2016, the Constitutional Court of Moldova validated the mandates of the Socialist deputy Irina Mizdrenco, which will take Dodon’s place and of the Liberal Democrat Simon Grişciuc, which will replace Vlad Filat.

LDP vacant position was to be filled by the deputy candidate, Loretta Handrabura, but she refused the position offered.

Also, on the 19th of December, a group of MPs have submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court’s decision on the constitutional control of the Parliament which decided on the termination of Vlad Filat’s deputy mandate, after he was found guilty. The notification was declared inadmissible but by CC.

Simion Grişciuc has previously been MP in the LDP. From 2015 he served as director of the company "Tutun" CTC. According to, Grişciuc will join right away his former party colleagues, who now are a part of the parliamentary majority.



Irina Mizdrenco has a major in education and holds the position of the president of the SPRM territorial organization from Riscani. She became a member of the Socialist Party in 2012, after leaving the Communist Party.



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