The blogger Evghenii Lukianiuc named Renato Usatii a liar. In addition he posted a video of one of the Renato’s meeting with the electors when he said that it is impossible to solve problems at the distance. That’s why he looked for an apartment in Balti to live there.

It’s a fragment of a movie from the meeting at the bazaar «Bayducov» in Balti. Usatii affirmed it’s impossible to be mayor and  even to run a village at the distance.

Anyway after the appointment of Usatii in the position of the mayor he spent much more time at Chishinau and Moscow. Moreover, Lukianiuc said that recently Usatii flyed to Moscow to explain his sponsors where are the money for revolution in Moldova and those $250 000 he lost in one of the capital’s casino.

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