The Liberal Party (LP) announced that Anatol Salaru has not submitted any letter of resignation to the Buiucani Territorial Headquarters of the party. The response comes after the former Minister of Defense announced, Monday, January 9, that he leaves the LP.

The press service of the Liberals said that according to art. 22 para (2) of the Statute of the Liberal Party: Resignation from membership shall be based on an application made in writing, which together with membership card, shall be submitted to the primary organization to be removed from its record. "Anatol Salaru has not submitted any letter of resignation to the Buiucani Territorial Headquarters of the party. He decided to "resign" from Facebook, where he "has lately labored". So the "resignation" of Anatol Salaru can be examined by the management of Facebook,” the press release of the party reads.

Recall that Anatol Salaru mentioned that his decision to leave the party was extremely difficult, but absolutely necessary. "The reasons for this decision are numerous and generally known, both by members of the LP and by citizens. Transformation of the Liberal Party into an Ltd, managed at the whim of Mihai Ghimpu, carrying ridiculous and compromising national ideals, the duplicitous game in the presidential election, the refusal to accept reforms and open the party to new people just to be able to keep the seat of the President are some of the reasons that were at the basis of my decision, " Anatol Salaru wrote on his Facebook page.

Please recall that on December 12, 2016, the LP deprived Anatol Salaru of its political support, when he asked the election of a new party leadership and explained it by the party's poor results in the presidential elections. Subsequently, the LP leader Mihai Ghimpu asks the prime minister to dismiss him from the position of defense minister.

On December 17, 2016, Anatol Salaru submitted a request, asking to resign from the position of first deputy chairman of the LP, Politburo member and member of the Republican Council. Later, at the end of the last year, President Igor Dodon signed the decree on dismissal of Anatol Salaru from the position of Minister of Defense.

LP leader, Mihai Ghimpu, said earlier that in the event of Salaru’s resignation, the current Minister of Environment, Valeriu Munteanu, would occupy his place.

Additionally, Anatol Salaru hinted, last week, that he would form a new pro-European and pro-NATO party, which would also support the unionist movement.

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