Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase said in a briefing that Vlad Plahotniuc withdrew Marian Lupu’s candidacy from the presidential race because of "his fear of the joint candidate."

"Plahotniuc understands very well what my plans are, his aim is not my victory," Maia Sandu declared, noting that, so far, the DP did not follow a pro-European path, as claimed by Marian Lupu and Vlad Plahotniuc.

The leader of the ASP said that Plahotniuc wants to consolidate his own power, and for that, he needs "a president, who barks but never bites – such as Igor Dodon."

Maia Sandu added that "supporting" her, Plahotniuc hopes to mislead voters of Action and Solidarity Party and Dignity and Truth Platform, but she would stand her grounds.

"A man who is obsessed with power, mocks the whole country," Maia Sandu said, referring to Vlad Plahotniuc.

"I would have joined in the second round without the support of this man. I don’t need mediation of corrupt politicians", the leader of ASP added.

The briefing given by Maia Sandu was also attended by Andrei Nastase, the leader of DTP who had withdrawn from the campaign in favor of Sandu. He said the DP’s move forced them towards a greater mobilization in the first round. "The pharisaical and hypocritical gesture of Plahotniuc’s obliges us to ensure a greater mobilization of our forces in the first round. We are obliged to deliver a fatal blow, both to this criminal regime and to the so-called geopolitical opposition," Nastase said.  

The politician also added that the attempt of the DP to associate with the DTP and ASP is merely an attempt to propel Igor Dodon directly into the presidential office. In this regard, according to Nastase, Democratic mayors received an indication to urge citizens to vote on 30 October for the Socialist candidate Igor Dodon.

The Democratic Party qualified Maia Sandu’s reaction as an erroneous one. "We believe it is an emotive and inappropriate reaction that conveys an aggressive message that disturbs the Democratic electorate. We hope that our electorate will understand this reaction and will vote on Sunday in favor of Moldova's European path", quoted the DP.

The Democratic Party also commented on the reaction of the Socialist candidate Igor Dodon, "Regarding Igor Dodon’s statements and allegations, we note that they are explained by panic and despair, as he understood that he would lose the elections. Igor Dodon’s arguments in the presidential campaign are based on lies and gross manipulations. Igor Dodon represents the past, while Moldova should stake on a European future."

Recall that today, in a press conference, Marian Lupu said that he is withdrawing from the race in favor of Maia Sandu, who has the best chances to defeat Igor Dodon.

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