Maia Sandu, the leader of Solidarity and Action Party (SAP), announced on her Facebook page that she sued the State Chancellery, requesting it to submit the transcripts of the two sessions of the Government, when state guarantees for the 3 bankrupted banks (Social Bank, Unibank, and Savings Bank of Moldova) were approved.  

Sandu states 2 months ago, she requested the State Chancellery to present her the copies of transcripts of meetings, during which the state guarantees for the 3 bankrupt banks were approved (Government led by Leanca in 2014 and Government led by Gaburici in 2015)."As the government decisions, regarding the granting of guarantees were declassified, it makes sense to have access to the discussions on these decisions. Citizens need to know who and for what opted in these discussions, which were the requests of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) and what was their promise on the  use of money,” Maia Sandu wrote.

SAP President claims that the Government led by Filip refuses to provide those transcripts "Why? If they keep promising to shed light on the billion theft. Why the Democratic Party does not want to present things as they happened in reality? Because then, it will be harder to misinform people and to blame others. It’s another evidence that the current government’s promises to investigate the bank fraud are just but tales."

In these circumstances, the former Minister of Education claims that the law had been broken, as well as the constitutional right of access to information, for which she sued the State Chancellery, requesting the latter to submit transcripts from the two sessions of the Government. "Sooner or later, all these documents will become public, the truth will be revealed, and the country will know all the perpetrators".

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