The Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu, has resigned. The announcement was made at the National Political Council of the party.

According to a press release of the Democratic Party, "the Democratic Party Chairman Marian Lupu announced that leaves the  mandate as chairman of the party, starting today, and will not run for president of the chairman of the party at the Congress. Marian Lupu said that he remains a member of the DPM  and will engage in new development projects of the party. "

Lupu was the president of the Democrats for the last 6 years, and the new Democratic Party chairman will be elected at the party congress, which will be held on December 24th.

Lately, Marian Lupu appears increasingly rarely in public, after he withdrew his candidacy from the presidential election on the last minute, and did not even go to vote.

Sources from the party claimed that Lupu would be upset with Plahotniuc, who would have forced him to abandon the campaign.

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