Having retreated to Moscow, the mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii, announced his resignation.

The mayor of Balti and the leader of Our Party announced during the Politica TV show, broadcast on TV8 that this week he will announce his withdrawal from the mayor's office and the northern capital will organize local elections in May this year.

Usatii said he is leaving because he is a well-bred person and he does not want the situation from Chisinau to be replicated in Balti.

"We made this decision because the city needs a manager and I cannot return home in the near future. If I resign today, the elections will be held in Balti on May 20th, when several local elections will take place. Then we will see who will share buckwheat and sugar among people," Renato Usatii said.

The leader of Our Party announced that he resigns, leaving the government of Balti with a full budget and without corruption schemes. He also added that while he held the mayor's office, he invested more than 20 million lei in the city.

Nicolai Grigorisin, the current interim mayor of the municipality, will run for the mayoral position in the local elections this May. According to Usatii, Grigorisin will continue the activities, started by Our Party in Balti.

At the same time, Usatii said that the referendum planned for March 4th, 2018 will not be held. 

Renato Usatii was elected mayor of the northern capital in the local elections of June 14th, 2015, with the vote of 72.46% of the residents. For more than a year, Usatii has been in Moscow, being accused by Moldovan prosecutors of having expropriated the Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov from his majority stake in Universalbank in Chisinau, and later ordered his assassination.

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