Liberal Party press service announces withdrawal of its signature from the agreement of collaboration with the European People’s Party of Moldova.

"Given that EPPM to this day has not announced its withdrawal from the tacit alliance with SPRM, NP and the CPRM in Chisinau Municipal Council, Mihai Ghimpu, President of the LP announces that as of today, 5 September 2016, he withdraws his signature from the collaboration agreement signed on 29 July 2016.

It is reprehensible that Mr. Iurie Leanca went to Brussels, Bucharest and Sofia and spoke about European integration, while in Chisinau he allied with pro-Russian parties, which are anti-national and anti-European," the communiqué issued by the Liberal Party reads.

Recall that in July 2016, the parliamentary majority signed a cooperation agreement with the European People's Party of Moldova.

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