Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari believes the media is no longer a reliable source of information; therefore, the National Authority for Integrity (NAI) will not be based on journalistic materials. This was communicated by the current Minister of Justice in an interview with Clean Moldova, explaining the exclusion of mass media from the law on NAI.

Being asked about the causes of media exclusion form the "sources" which the new Authority for Integrity may refer to, Cebotar stated:
"Yes, it is true and I regret this exclusion, but lately the media have divided according to political preferences and interests. Media sources involve in all the major problems, faced by our country in the past few years, starting with the bank fraud and finishing with I don’t know what. In addition, it is known and indisputable that there are invited papers, and this is told by everyone, by representatives of all the camps, by the journalists’ class, by those who consume the articles. Unfortunately, parity or fairness of opinions is not respected. I do not mean all the media sources, of course, but unfortunately, the press have discredited themselves together with the political class. From this point of view, it cannot be a reliable source of information. And this was revealed by the National Integrity Commission, which had so many referrals from press articles that were not sufficiently documented that only created heavy workload, which failed to produce any results, but consumed resources."

The minister also noted that most of the referrals to the NIC were made by the journalistic publications, because it was compulsory to take actions, but few of them ended with decisions.

Being asked if the Integrity Council will include representatives of the press, the minister gave an affirmative answer.  

Earlier, Clean Moldova wrote that the new integrity law shows that investigative reports about wealth and conflicts of interest of public officials may not constitute grounds for investigations by the National Agency for Integrity, an institution that will be formed instead of the current National Integrity Commission (NIC).

It should be also noted that the current Minister was targeted in several journalistic investigation "Ins and outs of Moldovan Railway transactions with two IT companies" (Rise Moldova), "A new airline company in the pocket of the Minister of Justice" (Anti-Corruption MD), etc. Following the latter publication, the minister caught the attention of the NIC.

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