The Ministry of Health is outraged by the case of the young woman that did not receive the necessary assistance while delivering her baby and initiated an internal investigation.

Following the claim of Olga Mulic, the young woman, who was left alone for three hours to deliver a dead baby, the Ministry of Health took action. According to a press release, issued by the institution, the medical team, who examined the woman on the day of hospitalization, was heard and the gynecologist acknowledged that she failed to attend the birth.

"The obstetrician-gynecologist, the anesthesiologist and the midwife, who established the fetus's death following a medical investigation, were heard. The gynecologist recognizes that she failed to assist in the extraction of the fetus because of the rapid delivery caused by medications. At the same time, the doctor claims to have monitored the pregnant woman all the time and to have assisted in the process of sectioning of the cord and extracting the placenta, " the Ministry of Health informs.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Health will notify the criminal investigating bodies if it finds that the medical team did not provide the necessary medical assistance during the pregnancy and childbirth process.

We remind you that the incident took place at the Maternity Hospital of Balti on June 24, when a 25-year-old woman from the village of Calugar, Falesti district, had been left alone to deliver a dead baby despite the fact that the woman was begging for help the doctors ignored her.

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