Viorel Morari, head of Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, said that there is no criminal case in the name of Mihail Gofman, former deputy head of Prevention and Combating Money Laundering Service under the National Anti-Corruption Center.

"There is no criminal case in Gofman’s name. Maybe he knows something and is afraid. When he was invited to the hearing, I personally stated that he would be questioned only as a witness. There was no arrest warrant, issued in his respect," Morari said for

The Head of Anti-Corruption Prosecution believes that Mihail Gofman pursues other purposes, when making statements about what happened in the banking system.

Viorel Morari also stated for the same source "Gofman was a key person in an important institution in charge for preventing and combating money laundering. He makes statements a few years after being released, and not simply released, but because of a civil lawsuit that reached the Supreme Court. Having no attribution to the investigation, he sometimes knows more than the prosecutors that investigate the case know. I find unprofessional the statements he makes, although I know Gofman and I know he is a professional. The statements that he makes without having access to the case materials show that the man has another purpose. I cannot say what his purpose is; I think you would have to ask him in an interview."

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