Communist Party canceled the Twentieth Congress of the Central Committee which was to be held on August 27 "because of the large number of events the large number of events."

The event, which will examined the positions of PCRM on the participation in the presidential election this fall, has been postponed to September 3. The announcement was made by the press service of the Party.

The PCRM decided to postpone th examination of the matter on the participation of the party in the presidential elections scheduled for October 30, preferring to celebrate Independence Day, Our Language Day and Knowledge Day.

"Hearing the information PCRM president, Comrade Voronin V.N. Executive Committee of Central Committee of Political Party of Communists from Republic of Moldova decides: Because of the large number of events dedicated to the holiday of the Republic of Moldova's Independence Day, the National Language Day and the Day of Knowledge, transfer the date of the Twentieth Plenary of the party Central Committe of PCRM from 27 August 2016 to September 3, 2016", says the release.

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