Penitentiary Department has come up with an official reaction to the statements of  Veaceslav Platon lawyers, on escorting the detainee to the Central Election Commission, to apply for registration of the initiative group in support of his candidacy for the presidency.

The press release published by PID mentions that those arrested may be escorted out of the penitentiary institution only at the request of the prosecution, the judge or the court - the only subjects invested with the right of application of escort from the penitentiary institution of persons arrested to be brought in front of the authority.

PID states that in this context, the institution has no right to execute the request of escorting persons not enabled by such a right by law.

Regarding the allegations that administration of prison No.13, where Veaceslav Platon is held, announced a pest control procedure and closed the institution for the whole day, PID states that such measures are conducted regularly every month, it is expected in advance and carried out by specialists.

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