First vice-president of the Democrat Party Vlad Plahotniuc announces that he will launch a social campaign against domestic violence.

Vlad Plahotniuc made some revelations on his blog and told that he comes from a family of modest income: "I was born into a family with 6 children, a poor family, with many needs and very few solutions. Such were the times. My father was very tough with us - otherwise it would have been hard, you can imagine what fuss 6 children can make. But he did not show his firmness by violence, he believed in the slogan "work educates." He made us work and help around the house. In fact, all the children worked in villages, but those who were disobedient, like me, worked more. We were a happy case, in many of the families that we knew things were different, violence was at home. I had colleagues who used to come to school bruised and it seemed normal, it did not surprise anyone. However, it is sad that no much has changed since then," Plahotniuc writes.

The notorious businessman writes that: "Together with Edelweiss, starting with tomorrow, I will begin a large-scale social campaign, which aims at raising violence awareness, violence against children, violence in the family. We will launch more social clips, we will create psychological counseling centers, we will propose legislative improvements, we will be actively involved in combating this phenomenon, and we will ask the institutions in charge to do their duty."

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