The leader of Democrat Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, proposed the election of PMs by uninominal vote, and to give citizens the possibility to dismiss MPs. The announcement was made during a briefing, on Monday, March 6, at the headquarters of the political party.

The Democrat believes that, at the moment, there is "a great gulf between people and politicians", and that his proposals would allow people from districts, to be represented by those they know. At the same time, it enables them to maintain real control over the political class and penalize those who do not do their job.

"Uninominal voting gives the possibility to those from districts, to be represented in Parliament by local people, not by deputies selected by party leaders or a group of politicians. If a Member does not work hard enough for the community that voted for him, or resorted to various tricks to fool the electorate to vote for him, or turns out that that Member is corrupt and works for different interest groups,  he disappoints people who voted for him or does not comply with the vote, just makes promises and does nothing, then citizens will not have to wait four years in order to sanction such MPs, they will be able to immediately dismiss them. Citizens will be able to immediately elect another deputies instead. Thus, the citizens will have absolute control over those PMs they elect directly", said Plahotniuc.

The Democrats President came up with another proposal as well. He wants  Moldovans from diaspora to be able to elect the MPs, to represent them in Parliament. "For the first time diaspora will be able to elect their own MPs. These will be people in the diaspora who understand their problems, help them, "said Plahotniuc.

Uninominal vote is the election of individual candidates directly, as opposed to the system of choice on lists drawn up by political parties.

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