The new leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM), Vlad Plahotniuc, published on Thursday, December 29th of this year, his own biography on his blog, where the controversial politician has made public several revelations about his life and his activity up to this moment.

The Democrats President presented information about childhood, about the years when he was a student, but also about his political and business career. Also on the post, Plahotniuc presented in premiere, photos from his personal archive.

According to information from the blog, Plahotniuc was born in Pitusca village, Calarasi district, but grew up in Grozesti village, Nisporeni village, where his parents moved when he was just 3 months old.

Plahotniuc arhivă

The politician says he had a beautiful and very active childhood and since he was a child he has lived with the feeling that the day is too short and the night is too long, and since he was little he has slept less and worked more.

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Plahotniuc says that he achieved in school the competitive spirit and desire to do more than is required. He didn’t learn for the sake of good grades and praise, but for understanding as many things as possible so that he can use them. He participated in several contests where he would always have the best results.

Also in his post, the DPM leader wrote that his hobbies in childhood have been linked to music, sports and reading. He attended music school for six years and he practiced different kinds of sports, such as weightlifting, where he took second place in the republic among juniors.

Vlad Plahotniuc says he was never spoiled by his parents, since there were six children in the family and they had great needs. Thus, the problems and needs of the family taught him what helping one another really means.

The democrat says he went to study at polytechnic college, and after the army, he fulfilled his dream and went to study the law. Plahotniuc also says that he earned his first money from trading activities at the markets from Belgrade and Macedonia. Later he revealed that he tried the video halls business, which many Moldovans practiced during the 90s. Then, his first serious business followed – a printing house where there were printed the labels for many of the wineries from the country and from abroad, and now they have diversified they activity and have become the largest importer of glass products for wine and canning industry from Moldova.

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The politician was also managing a business in Romania, were he would sell the products of his printing house, and in Italy, where he was managing a construction company with about 300 employees.

He writes that by 2001 he was already established as a businessman, with enormous experience and desire to succeed more. Namely that year he was given the opportunity to develop almost from scratch Petrom enterprise in Moldova, which has become the market leader in the country and one of the main contributors to the state budget. Then followed tourism, media, real estate business, which he could then assign to a team of young professionals, which he had established.

He says that he started his political activity in 2010, but was involved in this area much earlier. Especially in 2007-2009, the politician repeatedly supported several opposition leaders at the time.

At the parliamentary elections from 2010, he was among the candidates of the DPM. Now he aims to carry out the project to modernize the party, together with his colleague, to become a model of democratic functioning, a party that would represent as many of the country's citizens as possible. The democrat stated that they managed to bring to an end, all the projects initiated, regardless of the obstacles.

Please note that Plahotniuc was recently elected president of DPM, being the only candidate for this position.

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