Plahotniuc gave an interview to to talk about the presidential election, "the Topa clan", Veaceslav Platon and other "spicy" topics .

DPM first deputy expressed chis onviction that the Democratic Party is one of the most important parties in Moldova, the party with the highest representation in the territory and it is the only party that can solve real problems faced by Moldovans.

Plahotniuc also noted that Marian Lupu, DPM candidate for the presidential election, is a candidate with a good chance.

The Democrat spoke about the arrest of judges, he states that he "gave consent", and even more: "I now give my approval in advance for such action, even without knowing what they are. If from my approval depend beneficial things, I consent to establish order in the country. "Said Vlad Plahotniuc for the source.

At the same time, Plahotniuc also discussed the protests that have taken place lately, he describes the protests as a presentation of the problems in society that the present government has taken over and resolves them, and on the other hand, vice president of DPM mentions that "the protest unearthed interconnected groups with very obvious methods of organized crime, being formed from the underworld, politicians, officials and representatives of interest groups from abroad. For instance, before one of these groups took over the DA Platform, nobody knew about some links between its members and heads, we did not know much information about their mode of action and the sources of financing for unlawful use. Due to the organization by them of these protests, we have managed to find out very much, people in the shade developed, and this has enabled us to avoid an escalation of the situation and throwing the country into a deep political crisis. Moreover, this will allow us to be more prepared and take more measures against attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. "

Plahotniuc says that these groups are led by the "Topa clan, Platon, the small group of Renato Usatâi, who took under a few parties, journalists, government officials, and they put people in civil society, to have reliable access including to the diplomatic area. "

Asked if he learned these things from "Platon's notebook", Plahotniuc said: 'No, I know it from the press. Specifically, especially from the press. "

Referring to the allegations of Platon, Plahotniuc comments: "Already all those who have been arrested talk about the same fable. Whenever you can see an arrest, my name appears. That's one signal and a message that if you analyze the campaigns beyond their victimization, you will discover useful information. Platon's situation is a complicated concern about the case of very large part of those who were co-participants in all the illegalities committed in both Moldova and beyond, but also those who stayed behind. For it is already evident that Platon did not manage his money, so he had no money, he was just a man with money laundering schemes, he was the one putting their money and financed various unlawful acts. He and all his group attacked me hoping that they will intimidate me, and I will do everything to help him, and they in return will not accuse me. I certainly will not surrender to these psychological pressures, they can continue to accuse me of everything that comes to their mind. Justice has to do its job, and make it objective and fair, and the damage to the state to be recovered, thieves and corrupt people must sit in jail. What i can do is, along with fellow coalition, to support the Government and other institutions responsible to approve the laws to strengthen the banking system and measures to cleanse it, so if tomorrow appear other Platons could no longer do the shit they have done. We sure will solve this problem in the near future."

At the same time, he mentions that Gofman is Platon's man. "He was the key man in all the major money laundering which were made in Moldova. He fled to the US and tried to dissident as to victimize and to conceal his involvement in laundering the 20 billion US dollars, but I already cleared everyone who is with him" said Plahotniuc in that interview.

Also Plahotniuc says he is not interested in the premiership and that priority for him now is to support the government, to make reforms agreed with the IMF and other emergencies to streamline institutions and another objective is the reformation of DPM and the elections of 2018.

Plahotniuc denied Ilan Shor, Maia Sandu or Igor Dodon as his people, he said: "All are mine and I support them all. With this statement I think we have halved the rating on some of them. " As for Shor, the Democrat had a more serious approach:" Like everyone else involved, he must answer for what he did. In this case my name is invoked by those who have done business with him, they used it, and now were upset that he gave depositions on them and it labeled as that is my man to discredit him and her escape liability. For my part, I can pour between day and night, to say what they want, it's important to learn the truth and to answer for all their deeds and, of course, to recover all the money back. Nobody should receive clemency or protection. "

Asked about what he thinks about the statements made by Andrei Nastase in the US in the BEM investigation and which institutions, Plahotniuc said: "What details do you want, he flew to the US to testify at McDonald's? Let's face it, the boy has not yet overcome his depiction of a clown, you just see that walks like a giddy from country to country and does not want anyone to see him. I can not answer such a question seriously. Leave it to roam on fast-food outlets in the US and Europe."

As about a subsequent interview, Vlad Plahotniuc, he states that: "An interview a month is enough, I respond with pleasure when you gather several themes, but do not want to give interviews only to be present in the media."

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