The lawyer of the businessman Veaceslav Platon, Ion Vâzdoagă said that based on information, the hearing was postponed because Platon has submitted a request for recusal of the magistrate of Buiucani court, Victor Răţoi, which was to inform the prosecution, assuming he will not be fair and will issue a ruling inadequate or contrary to its interests.

According to the lawyer, who previously worked as a prosecutor, the reasons will be presented on September 1, when the request for recusal will be examined by another Judge. Vâzdoagă also said that he has submitted a petition which requested confidential meetings with Platon, to explain to him all his rights and safeguards prescribed by law. The defender also said he could not yet discuss anything with Platon.

Like Platon, his lawyer said the businessman's extradition is illegal and that Ukraine extradited him without a legal basis, since there is no decree of the president of the neighboring country on the withdrawal of citizenship of Platon. Also, if Ukraine will invoke that Platon has a false passports,  2 other criminal cases will be started for forgery, since this has been acknowledged by the authorities. Vâzdoagă also stated that the extradition would be put under ECHR, to which he intends to submit a claim.

Platon's lawyer believes that his extradition is an order, because so far there has been no extradition process achieved so quickly.

The next meeting on Platon's arrest will take place on September 1. Until then, the businessman will be in prison no. 13.

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