Deschide.MD portal writes that the businessman Veaceslav Platon had filed a request last night to register in the electoral race for the presidential elections of 30 October. Today at 14:00, it would go to the CEC for registration of the initiative.

Information about Platon's involvement in the election campaign has been confirmed for Deschide.MD by lawyer of the businessman, Ion Vâzdoagă.

"At 15:00 there was an application in which Veaceslav Platon informs CEC about his intention to participate in elections and claims to already have formed an initiative group. He also asks CEC to be informed about the time and day he can come and apply for registration of the initiative group. The application is signed by him personally," said the source, CEC chairman, Alina Rusu.

According to the lawyer of Platon, yesterday CEC coordinated with PID his escorting to deposit the set of the documents, but today PID  "invented" a reason to not get him out of the institution.

"They put an ad on the prison door that tell us about the alleged period of quarantine, prohibiting entry and exit from the institution, although other inmates have a normal schedule, and go to court .... etc", said Vâzdoagă for Deschide.MD.

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