Yesterday, the controversial politician Renato Usatii, president of "Our Party" and mayor of Balti, was the guest of the TV program Interpol at TV7, during which he spoke about Platon, Plahotniuc, his meetings with Plahotniuc, the scenarios of the presidential elections and his calling to the prosecution service.

We remind that in another show, "The Fourth Power" from N4 that aired last week, Renato Usatii said that Plahotniuc would have proposed him 1.5 million dollars to leave the country in September-November 2016. Yesterday, Usatii was to testify on the case but failed to appear at the prosecutor’s office. 

During the show Interpol, he said that he did not come to the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, because several of the lawyers he consulted said his summoning was actually a trap, and that it was not done according to the procedure. In addition, the controversial politician said that if before Vladimir Plahotniuc only controlled the Prosecution Service, now he leads it.

Declaring himself one of the most informed people in Moldova, Usatîi made more specific disclosures, where he recalled most politicians that are on the current political scene.

Balti mayor claims that Plahotniuc could not buy him, as he has done with some deputies and prosecutors.

The controversial politician said the PD deputy, Vladimir Plahotniuc is currently monitored by Interpol, being involved in several criminal cases in different countries.

With reference to Platon, for which the prosecutor's office issued an arrest warrant, Usatîi said he was Plahotniuc's partner, adding that in Moldova no business with much money is done without a partnership with Plahotniuc. According to his statements, Platon bought from Plahotniuc a share of 39% in Victoriabank. Subsequently, Iaralov, whose name appeared in the media as the coordinator of the theft of the billion, would have required Platon to sell this share. The last one tried to use at this bank similar schemes he used at the Social Bank, Unibank and Savings Bank. This would have displeased Plahotniuc, because Victoriabank was associated with him, and so he remained the de facto beneficiary of a 40% share. 

Usatîi believes that Platon might start talking about all the contraband schemes during Voronin's period, the meat mafia, following which much money were made and he's ready for a war with Plahotniuc, which will begin to have problems. He claims that he has certain information on Plahotniuc, which will be revealed in Russia.

He believes that Shor testified against Platon and ten more people and even if he would testify against somebody nobody allows it. 

Usatîi denies that Sergei Iaralov is the coordinator of the billion theft, saying that this role belongs to Plahotniuc and Iaralov was just the brain of the schemes.

Referring to his meetings with Plahotniuc, Usatîi said that they were two and held on his initiative. At one of the meetings, Plahotniuc would have reproached him that because of the protests organized by Usatîi and other parties he did not become a premier. "He said that he will end up Andrei Nastase all the way, and then certain records featuring Nastase appeared. He told he will give me 1.5 million dollars a month in order for me not to tangle him, because in September he wants to prepare something for people to take to the streets. He told me to leave by September, return after the New Year and take care of politics. In this country he is afraid of two people, me and Andrei Nastase", said the leader of Our Party.

Regarding the scenarios of the presidential elections, Usatîi said that he has information about three people that Vladimir Plahotniuc prepares for president. One of these is Iurie Leanca, but there are other candidacies that are not known yet. 

On the same issue, Usatîi said he had discussions with the SPRM leader, Igor Dodon, but cannot give too many details. They only agreed that if their candidate does not reach the second round, they will not support Maia Sandu nor Plahotniuc. He states that Dodon’s candidacy is not interesting for Plahotniuc. Usatîi is to think if he is going to support Dodon or Nastase in the runoff of the presidential election.

Usatîi does not believe that the US will take action against Plahotniuc, because he has contacts everywhere.

Among the "political forecast" of the controversial politician there is the close liberation of Shor, early 2017 elections, protests, retention of new people to show that the theft of the billion is discovered, etc.

It is to see how much truth is hiding behind each of these statements and which of the forecasts will come true. 

Viorel Morari, Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office chief, said yesterday that Renato Usatîi will be called to the hearing to testify and if he does not come any further, it means "that act has not occurred and it is just a media show”.

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