Leaders of several political formations welcomed the resignation of the suspended mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca. Some politicians said his move is useful, while others say it is delayed, as the mayor has been "morally and professionally discredited".

After the mayor’s resignation, the interim mayor of the capital, Silvia Radu, was among the first to welcome Chirtoaca’s decision to resign. "As I said from the beginning, I think the interim period must be a short one, because the City Hall needs a leader to ensure its stability. I will do my job as an interim mayor general until the elections are held," Silvia Radu wrote on her Facebook page.

The reaction of the president of the socialist faction to the Chisinau Municipal Council, Ion Ceban, has not been long-awaited either. He said that this resignation is one of the few correct decisions that Dorin Chirtoaca has taken in his 10-year term. "Early elections must be organized both in Chisinau and Balti as quickly as possible. It would be ideal to hold them on the same day as the early parliamentary elections in the country, in May,"Ceban said.

Requested by CrimeMoldova, the municipal councilor from Our Party, Ilian Casu, mentioned that Dorin Chirtoaca's resignation came after he was pressed by several factors. "Chirtoaca’s resignation is very similar to the resignation of the mayor of Balti,", which happened under the influence of Plahotniuc’s regime". The legal norm provides for the organization of elections in this case, but it is difficult to predict the events that will follow, as our state is captured," Casu said.

Shortly after his resignation, the Action and Solidarity Party announced on their Facebook page that Dorin Chirtoaca's resignation had long been wanted. "Now, Chisinau can be freed of corrupt officials, who have settled in the city hall and we will do our best for it. At the same time, we need to display vigilance, political maturity, and not to allow Plahotniuc and Dodon to hijack the electoral process," the message reads.

The leader of Dignity and Truth Platform Party, Andrei Nastase, also noted that "Dorin Chirtoaca's resignation is a useful move."

The Democratic spokesman, Vitalie Gumurari, specified for CrimeMoldova that the resignation of the mayor was natural and delayed. "This person has been morally and professionally discredited. The municipality has become one of the most corrupt structures. We got used to the allegations, made by the suspected criminals, who intend to politicize the evidence in the case. However, we must also take into account that we are in an electoral year," Gumurari said.

We remind you that Dorin Chirtoaca announced his resignation on Friday, February 16th. The mayor says he leaves his office as a sign of protest against the abuses within the City Hall of the capital.

The next local elections in the capital could take place on May 20th.

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