Council to prevent and eliminate discrimination and ensure equality found that a member of the LDP was discriminated against on political grounds in the workplace, by the liberal leadership of the institution he worked in. It is for the first time in Moldova when a state institution officially recognized political discrimination in the workplace, although many voices say that there is no such phenomenon.

Mihai Drumea, local councilor on LDP lists, worked for six years as a fisheries inspector. After leaving the LDP, State Fisheries Inspectorate leadership was changed at the helm of the institution being active members of the Liberal Party appointed.

Drumea said he was called by new heads who asked him to leave

LDP and join the LP, or write a resignation letter. Because he refused, the man has been sanctioned repeatedly for alleged disciplinary violations and eventually dismissed.

Mihai Drumea addressed in court, which ruled that the applicant was illegally dismissed and ordered the State Fisheries Inspectorate to reinstate him and pay his salary for the months of absence.

In turn, the Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality asked the Ministry of Environment, the initiation o disciplinary proceedings against people who admitted discriminatory behavior. 

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