Maia Sandu, leader of Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), is due to appear in the Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday, October 12, in connection with the party’s denunciation, filed on September 21, demanding the prosecution of Vladimir Plahotniuc for "usurpation of power in the state."

The announcement has been made by the PAS leader on her social page with a note of irony: "What do you think? The Prosecutor's Office gets down to work... ".

Chief Prosecutor for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases (PCCOCS), Nicolae Chitoroaga told for that Maia Sandu was invited to be informed of the criminal liability that she might bear, given the content of the complaint.

"If she assumes this, we can begin a criminal case based on her complaint. She is invited tomorrow for a procedural action, namely, to be notified of this criminal responsibility for the content of her action," Nicolae Chitoroaga told for

We remind you that on 21 September, PAS filed with the General Prosecutor's Office a complaint against Vlad Plahotniuc, requesting his accountability for the usurpation of state power. Sandu alluded to the fact that although the Democratic Party obtained eleven deputies' mandates, the party now holds the parliamentary majority, which adopts the decisions imposed by Plahotniuc. Moreover, the PAS leader said Plahotniuc also controls the executive power and the government approves what the boss orders.

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