The protests were followed with mass disorders, some policemen were injured but protesters were disappointed. This is what the protests were like on April, 24, organized at the Great National Assembly Square by the civil platform "Dignity and Truth".

Thousands of people began to gather around 12:00 at the Great National Assembly Square, and at 13.00 the protests started officially when the national anthem was played. People chanted: "After Filat, should be arrested Chirtoacă" or "Plahotniuc, do not forget, the prison is your home".

After a while, the demonstrators called for the early elections and a new government, they walked towards the main office of companies managed by Plahotniuc. The first stop was nearby oligarch’s home on the Bulgarian street of the capital, which ended with the clashes.

The protesters broke the police cordon, threw stones and eggs in the police officers. The police sprayed the protesters with tear-gas and used batons. After the police cordon was formed again, the crowd calmed down. Moreover, there were some policemen with the guns.


The crowd moved to the Global Business Center (GBC), where many Plahotniuc’s companies have offices. There were no clashes.

Demonstrators demanded Plahotniuc come and spoke to the crowd. Moreover, people were outraged by the extraordinary mobilization of the police to protect this private building.

After that, the crowd tried to overturn a police bus and hasn’t left to pass two buses with policemen brought to the spot to calm the protester – they turned the buses back.


One person is arrested for allegedly throwing stones at the policemen. 19 people (17 policemen and 2 civilians) were hospitalized.

The protest ended with 19 victims

According to recent information from the Minister of Internal Affairs Alexandru Jizdan, 17 policemen and 2 civilians were injured on April 24.

Currently, five policemen are in the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ hospital. Many of them have craniocerebral injuries, doctors say that the patients are stable.

The head of General Police Inspectorate assured that the Ministry’s employees who have suffered during the demonstrations, will receive the high quality medical care.

"Unfortunately we have two civilians who were hospitalized. We will do all possible to return them to their families healthy" – said the head of GPI Alexandru Pinzari.


Moreover, Pinzari said that because of mass disorders during protests on Sunday 24.04.2016 there is initiated a criminal case. The guilty persons could be imprisoned from 3 to 8 years.

Andrei Nastase commented on the protests

According to the website, the leader of the Truth and Dignity Party Andrei Nastase assumed the failure of the protests organized by his party on April 24, which degenerated into mass disorders.

Ha said to the journalists: "Unfortunately today I didn’t know how to organize it. (...) I take this failure if you want so". According to the Moldavian media, protests’ organizers will come up with more comments soon.

No one from the politicians hasn’t commented what happened on April 24 until now.

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