The mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii, became the enemy of the press. Such a conclusion was made by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) after a conversation between Renato Usatii and the journalist from Publika TV.

I ask you, next time don’t come to the meeting of the Balti Municipal Council

Reporters from the Independent Journalism Center posted on site the conversation between the mayor of Balti and journalist from Publika TV, who wanted to attend the public meetings of the Municipal Council:

Renato Usatii: «I ask you, next time don’t come to the meeting of the Balti Municipal Council…»

Journalist from Publika TV: «You can’t forbid us to come, and you can’t ask us about it, the meetings are open».

Renato Usatii: «If you are going to transfer the right things, no problem…But when you do so, as you do… I understand that Plahotniuc used to work in the style of porn… We broadcast all meeting live, if you show all meeting online, no problem… I want to tell you one thing, porn channels here will no longer invade…»

Journalist from Publika TV: «Do you forbid us to work here? »

Renato Usatii: «I tell you again, I will do my best that this criminal TV would be nationalized and work for the benefit of the people and not for Plahotniuc SRL and the things you still do. »

Journalist from Publika TV: «Don’t let us through the door, we enter through the window, mister mayor, it is our job».

We remind that «Press Enemy» – is a rubric that shows the cases when state officials - in Moldova or abroad - intimidate Media representatives by profanity, behaving aggressively or restrict access to information and freedom of expression.

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